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    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    TVB is known for their representative colours, blue, green and red but the meaning isn’t simply that. Each colour has its own meaning in hopes for its entire work force, the actors, actress, series, events etc.
    The Meaning of Blue:

    Click on photo to enlarge

    Blue represents wealth. TVB is probably the wealthiest television station in the world of Asia. The amount of money they put into their productions is breath taking to us. In the year 2007, they have 3 grand productions, Heart of Greed, The Drive of Life and Jewel’s Splendor. Each production relates to these very wealthy people. Just imagine how much it simply costs just to dress the cast. Wealth is also represented through TVB’s actors and actress. The events the actors and actress has to show up for dressed in their most elegant attire cost about 7 figures each. Them being celebrities mean they can’t wear the same dress (girls) or tuxedos (boys) twice meaning each year they have to pay another 7 figure. And that’s only the dress. These actors and actress are paid A LOT to afford all that although it may not be TVB who's paying. =]

    The meaning of Green:

    Click on photo to enlarge

    Green represents harmony. As a big television station, with so many people, TVB would definitely hope for harmony in order for it to last. Year and year, they hold an anniversary that brings everyone together to let everyone mingle and get along. Harmony can be seen through the group photos and the different groups that work together to make TVB’s birthday a lasting memory! The sad thing is, TVB on the other hand is breaking that harmony by being unfair on the awards…

    The Meaning of Red:

    click on photo to enlarge

    Red represents happiness. Everyone who works for TVB should be happy with their job. Happiness influences others to be happy. Happiness is something TVB’s meant for. Provide enjoyment through their series, having variety of celebrations and of course the most happiness is seen when they acknowledge their workers. People loving receiving awards, I mean who doesn’t? Good ratings also bring happiness because the higher the ratings the more TVB pays them!

    So not only does TVB have great series, scripts and actors/ actresses but their logo is even better. All the components of a successful business is represented through their colours: blue, green and red. Wealth, harmony and happiness!! What more could they wish for?

    Note from the author: This will be my last post before I leave on a trip. So there will be no update for 2 weeks! But don't worry, when I come back the updates will resume =] Hope you guys enjoyed this post. =]

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    Sunday, July 8, 2007

    What are the components of fruit baskets? Fruits and a basket! But it isn’t just any type of fruit; it has to be fruit that goes well together. Similar to how TVB decide which actors and actresses in a series. You don’t usually see people put mangoes and apples in a fruit basket which is like TVB haven’t put Gigi Lai with Kenix Kwok in a series. They are both really good actresses but can you imagine seeing them acting in the same series?

    That’s why I’m presenting a good example of a TVB fruit basket… my favourite series, Virtues of Harmony!
    The Basket

    The basket is the most important component of a fruit basket. Without a basket what type of fruit basket is it? That’s why the Basket is the Script / Storyline of Virtues of Harmony. Have you ever seen anyone buy fruit baskets with an ugly basket? That's like saying since when do good series have stupid script or bad plot? Who ever had written the script and storyline for VOH was very witty but also included the basic needs of family stories. What family doesn’t have conflicts? What family doesn’t eat dinner? What family doesn’t spend time some time together? The writer of this series had included all the necessary aspects. No body watches a series with bad plot.

    The Apple

    Every fruit basket would have apples. I basically have never seen a fruit basket without apples especially since they are usually the leading fruit. In the Kam Family, how is it going to work without someone leading it? Obviously, the fruit basket of the VOH cast is our very own Ma Chi played by Nancy Sit. You may think, another character should be the fruit basket but in the series, who do most of the characters turn to advice for? Who helps solves the problem? Our very own Ma Chi of course!

    The Pear

    For the pear, I didn’t really think about its popularity or its taste. So I’m first going to tell you that Bernice Liu is the Pear of VOH. I’m not sure if anyone has told you but to Chinese people the pear actually represents a figure. Any woman that has this figure is considered well produced (lol in other terms sexy). So when I thought of this, the first thing I thought of was Bernice. She is known for being sexy and she is a MI so she obviously has good figure! As well I would also say Joyce Chen our Ah Yat since VOH had included a plot in regards to Ah Yat's good figure makes other girls look bad.

    The Banana

    Not everyone likes bananas because some feels the taste is too bland and has a bad after taste. This is why the Banana of VOH is Linda Chung. You see, Linda has been one of the few actresses that's been criticized by people and also one of the few that are liked. The people that don't like bananas because their taste is too bland are similar to people who think Linda's acting not good or nothing special. That's why everyone was mad when she won the most improved award. But like bananas though the more you eat it, the more you start to get use to it and like it. I to tell you the truth, at first I was like other anti-Linda Chung fans... well not anti but I didn't like her. Her voice was too light and I thought there was nothing special. But after a few more of her series came out and having to have watched Forensic Heroes and Heavenly in-Laws I liked her. And I saw that she really did improve at least compared to when she was in VOH. People, it doesn't mean you should eat too much bananas or watch all of Linda's series. It'll just make you sick! Since Hong Kong doesn't grow bananas, it make's Linda even more alike. They are both overseas... get it? (If you don't its ok. I thought it was a good joke.)

    The Orange

    Oranges are said to be thirst quenching and refreshing which is exactly why Cutie Mui is the Orange. In Virtues of Harmony she gave viewers a fresh character. In the ancient version she was a very loud, unlady like female. She spoke in language that is not appropriate for females and she was all about her strength. In the modern version, she's completely the opposite. She is a sophisticated, well educated and well mannered accountant. From being an unlady like women to an absolutely well mannered one is very incredible. Especially since Cutie Mui herself doesn't seem like the type in the modern version. Cutie's acting is what I called remarkable and is very refreshing.

    The Pineapple

    Pineapples are sweets fruits but they are commonly used for laughs due to its funny look. As well it's nice to eat sweet fruits and have a laugh at your day when you are chatting with your family. That's why the pineapple is given to both Louis Yuen and Kingdom Yuen. Both are good TV comedians. When you first see pineapples, it doesn't look appealing to be eaten with its appearance. Spiky looking leaves and brown old rough skin but on the inside it’s absolutely delicious. Similar to Louis and Kingdom. They both aren't what you would call good-looking or pretty but their acting is great. And once you have 'tried', you will love them! If you never eat a pineapple because it looks ugly, you will always miss out on a delicious fruit. If you always skip the parts with Louis and Kingdom because they don't look gorgeous than you are missing out on real talent!

    The Grape

    Grapes have different colours, different size and different taste. Grapes can taste sweet and they can taste sour which is similar to Bondy's role in VOH. The sourness is when she's being the b*tch and is crossing the border. The sweetness is when she's not in one of her plans or in conflict and is being a good friend. That's why Bondy's our grape. Some find her too b*tchy in VOH while some love her for her talent of being a b*tch or being kind hearted at unexpected times. She gives off sweet and sour. Not to forget to mention grapes are small fruits even when they are at their biggest forms which reminds me of Bondy. She's so thin and I think she is short even when she wears heels right? (Not too sure about this part).

    Overall, this series showed a good example of a perfect TVB fruit basket.

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    Friday, July 6, 2007

    Virtues of Harmony has won 2nd place in both TVB's Longest Modern Series and TVB Longest Drama. It started in 2001 and ended in 2005 (credits to VOH Network for the info). It was a popular long running sitcom and now TVB is constantly trying to shove the same idea to the viewers but sadly, it isn't working.

    In 2006, TVB released another long running series, Welcome to the House. The concept was the same, big cast and many different stories / issues. The ratings were doing not bad and usually remained in the high 20s but it didn't have the same hype as VOH.

    In 2007, TVB tries again using their old fa dan, Esther Kwan. Everyone was excited to see the reutrn of a great actress. The concept was the same, big cast and many different stories only it was about the work force. TVB must have thought that if the stories were focused on work then the ratings would definetly rise even higher than Welcome to the House. They were wrong, it went worse! Even with Esther being the female lead and having many special guests such as Bernice Liu and Wayne Lai it was still doing poorly. Recently, TVB has even announced to reduce 100 episodes from the original plan.

    If we were to compare the stats of VOH II (keep it on same level), WTTH and BSS this is what it'd look like from highest to lowest:

    TV ratings: 1 point = 64260 viewers

    *numbers in brackets represent how much more the series is losing or gaining than the previous series*

    Virtues of Harmony : Modern II:

    Highest Ratings: Week 29: 34pts

    Av. Ratings: 30pts over 88 weeks

    Av. Number of Viewers : 1,927,800

    Welcome to the House Ratings:
    Highest Ratings: Week 17: 30pts [-4pts]
    Av. Ratings: 28pts over 20 weeks
    Av. Number of Viewers: 1,799,280

    Best Selling Secrets [ up till date]:

    Highest Ratings : Week 4: 29 pts [-1 pt]

    Av. Ratings: 26 pts over 15 weeks

    Av. Number of Viewers: 1,670,760

    *if you decide to take this info, please credit me! It took me a long time to calculate those averages!*

    Not only are these new sitcoms decresing in ratings but they are decreasing in viewers. Besides VOH none of the other sitcoms has won any recognition.

    So here's the question:

    Are people getting sick of TVB's long running sitcoms or was VOH too good that everyone has higher expectations?

    I personally choose to think that VOH was just too good =P. I've watched the other two series. I didn't mind WTTH what it lacked of was some wittiness and its too family oriented. I feel like every single episode the entire family has to be there to solve it or something. As well there were some pretty stupid plots. Best Selling Secrets, I couldn't really go far since I just didn't find that motivation TVB series usually have to push me to watch more. But I'm just reading the news and I find it amusing how TVB just keeps on pushing these new long running sitcoms but they don't seem to realize it's now working. Time and time we see how the ratings aren't doing so well and people wondering why they just wont end it. Now TVB even announces they have to take off 100 episodes because they know the ratings aren't doing well. They dont plan to spend too much money if a series just isn't well received.
    Now I just wanted to move everyone onto something related to this post but not entirely related.
    Does anyone besides me realize all three sitcoms have someone in common?

    Kingdom Yuen!

    Kingdom Yuen plays Sasa in VOH.

    Kingdom Yuen plays the aunt in WTTH

    pic credits:AnimeMaster179002
    Kingdom Yuen guest stars in BSS
    Of course, Kingdom only really made success with VOH out of all the long running sitcoms and she learned her lesson in WTTH because she only decides to guest star in BSS! Good job! =]

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    Thursday, July 5, 2007

    Suppose our current fa dans made it to becoming TVB veterans, who would they become?

    For Liza Wang, I chose Myolie. They say what you eat is what you are. Well, no, Myolie doesn’t eat Liza but she is around her a lot. They both have this unique voice when they sing. As well, I always found Liza’s acting to be very spectacular in the sense that no matter what role it is, she seems to fit it. Same as Myolie, she always seems to fit her role even though if you watch her in real life you wouldn’t ever think she is that way. Lots of people say Liza Wang is bit*hy since she thinks she’s all that as TVB’s #1 veteran, but she has her nice side. Myolie hopefully will take Liza’s nice side and not the other one.

    For Carol (Dodo) Cheng, it was actually really hard. Carol is very witty and flexible woman so it is very hard to find a good successor. Out of all the fa dans though, I chose Tavia since she seems like a pretty witty girl herself and outgoing. Both of them are very chatty type of people. Carol Cheng use to be an actress and she was known for being a good tear dropper which is like Tavia. They both are very good tear droppers because when they cry, I feel the need to cry. That’s why; if Tavia was to really become Carol’s successor I think she will succeed.

    Nancy Sit is known for being able to sing and dance and when I think of that, I think of Bernice Liu! Like Nancy, Bernice is pretty loveable in the sense that they have this welcoming feeling. Both friendly and makes conversations with others. Nancy is also known for making a fun atmosphere in which I think Bernice would have the ability of doing. Bernice, like Nancy also has pretty convincing acting. As well, I noticed this just recently while I looking through Bernice’s pictures for this article and I noticed something weird. When ever Bernice isn’t doing like a model photo, she has this thing of putting her hands in this angle of politeness. Then I was looking for Nancy’s photo’s again for this article and I realized Nancy is that same too! So in the end, I chose the photo’s where they both do this ‘hand’ thingy as you can see above. I swear look for both of their photo’s wear they aren’t modeling for something and they both do that! Another thing is, in which I just noticed form looking at the pictures, they both have those smiling lines :

    Finally, for Michelle Yim I chose Leila Tong. One reason being that, Michelle Yim, compared to the other veterans doesn’t have this aura of status and Leila is the same. When we think of veterans, first thing we think of are Carol, Liza, Lydia and Nancy. Leila is the same too, when I think of fa dans I think of all the ones who are constantly promoted: Tavia, Bernice, Linda etc. Another thing is that they are loveable! I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone ever saying they don’t like Michelle Yim or don’t like Leila Tong - At least criticisms on their acting. Both of them also have this really diverse acting. They can play evil or nice and still pull it off. My final thought is also that they both are the calm type. =]

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    Wednesday, July 4, 2007

    Hmm... I think another one of In Love With TVB feature is "Did You Know?" since I always find out some weird things. Hehe! The "Did You Know?" feature of today is in regards to 2007...


    1. The Posters of Heart of Greed and The Best Selling Secrets has the most number of people in their poster. It is a total of 13 cast in each poster.

    Picture credits to: KTVB

    2. The "Life Art" poster has the least amount of cast members, with a total 4 cast only.

    3. This year, Kenneth Ma has released the most series: 2 released and 5 upcoming. They are "The Brink of Law", "The Family Link", "The Master of Tai Chi", "Curious Detective", "Survivor's Law II", "Hidden Master" and "The Four Great Constable".

    4. This year, there are 5 sequel series: "On the First Beat", "Survivor's Law II", "The Gentle Crackdown II", "Wars of In-Laws II" and "Forensic Heroes II".
    The above info was gathered from : Wikipedia

    5. This year's fantasy related series are mostly warehoused.

    6. Gambling is a hot component in series. I will elaborate more on this subject in one of my next posts... so stay tuned!
    Interested in more Did You Know? Be sure to read about my Heart of Greed: Did You Know or stay tuned for my next post of Did You Know?

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