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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    If you have no clue what this feauture is, you can read the first article here.

    TVB SHOWDOWN #02: Best RUMOURED couple

    When it comes to rumoured couples, these two pairs are the most popular. BerMo , as I choose to call it have been rumoured since the 2005 series, Love Bond was aired. They played a cute couple as Mei Lai and Sit Sui. Boscolie, the common term has been rumoured since War of In-Laws playing Tin Lik and Ling Mau Chun. Every ones loves to use BerMo and Boscolie for their products and TVB loves to use them even more. These two pairs are the gossip of the media and everyonen just wants to know, are they for real? BerMo plays denial while Boscolie is more of the unknown. Both pairs are everyone's favourites. No one can compete (In the TVB World), but just who is the better rumoured couple?

    Round #01: Who Is MORE together?

    No couple can be rumoured unless you see some "magic". The more frequent we see them together, the better.

    Co-operating as a couple in Love Bond, was not enough. TVB had them co-operating again in Healing Hands. Although they haven't done any other co-operating series afterwards but it was enough for viewers to see the chemistry! Eventually the paparazzi began questioning them of their relationship and following them. Product owners began taking this chance to use them as models or representatives. They were a popular pair. Today they continue to be used as the ‘ideal’ couple who’d use whatever the product. Even veterans joke around with them about their relationship and sticking them together when doing events. Bermo are product owner's favourites.


    In the same year as BerMo, Boscolie was formed in the series, War of In-Laws. Although Liza Wang was the winning actress for this series but this did not overshadow the cute couple of the series. Ever since this series aired everyone always pushed them together. They are representatives together, they win the 2005 Favourite Couple award together and they are even going to act again together in the new series, My Sassy In-Law. Ever since, there has been rumours that one has visited the other at their house or had given them a ride home. Rumour has it that Bosco has sent lots of messages to Myolie while Myolie has been paying a visit to Bosco during filming. Even the veterans hint that there may be something. The paparazzi has truly captured this pair as their leading news on love affairs.

    So Who Wins?

    As much as I love BerMo ( in which I do!!) but they can't possibly compete with Boscolie. They've got it all in being together. Both couple have had two series together but Boscolie's got the paparazzi on their tail. Compared to BerMo - loving product owners, the paparazzi is much more bigger. It's the paparazzi who makes the couples famous. Yeah, the paparazzi may have caught Bermo together before but they've got even more on Boscolie. Boscolie is everywhere. Everyone talks about them. Even TVB is pushing these two together!

    Round #02: Who has a Future?

    At the moment, no one has really justified the fact that they are dating. But it doesn't hurt to start guessing...


    The truth is that everyone feels the have a chance together. Although both of them wont admit it but we can see it. They are who we consider the "shy" couple. They secretly like each other but aren't willing to admit it. When they were promoting Love Bond, Kenix & Michael held hands as a promo but BerMo refuses to. They are afraid it will cause rumours. Again in a Super Trio episode where they teased them. Immediately, it caused Moses to turn beet red.


    The truth is that everyone feels they have an affair. They are cute together. Their relationship is someone secretive and some what not. How I see it:

    Bosco hints that he has feelings for her, and this is quite often. He text messages her alot, doesn't mind fat girls ( Myolie as Fei Tin) and he likes her type.

    Myolie on the other hand prefers to keep everything a secret. She chooses to deny it.

    Add it all together, they have something going on!

    So Who wins?

    There may be something going on between Boscolie but a relationship like that will never last. Although it may seem that they are hiding a secret but to me, it seems like this is all a misunderstanding. I feel Myolie simply treats Bosco as a friend and a good partner [business wise]. They are a cute couple but they dont have a chance to actually have a future. BerMo on the other hand does. True, they both deny but it shows that they will not cave in to the media. Their future isn't going to be influenced just because the media wants them to. Instead of hinting about their relationship, they choose to keep everything private.

    Round #03: Who is more popular?

    For this round, I don't have details for each couple like the previous rounds. This one is much more straight forward.

    So Who Wins?

    Boscolie wins this round because their fans are continuing to grow and are bigger. BerMo on the other hand are losing some. People aren't as interested in them anymore. Boscolie on the other hand are gaining fans. They continue to become a big community!



    BerMo may have a chance with a future but Boscolie wins in being the most TOGETHER and STILL POPULAR -- a rumoured couples' must have. Boscolie are seen everywhere and they continue to be the paparazzi's favourites! Their fans are continueing to grow meaning they still are the 'hottest' couple.

    Final Messages From author:

    Sorry to anyone who was hoping for a really good article but I'm not too fond on talking about couples since I dont really follow up on them. But dont worry Couples Showdowns will still exist. By the way, in case anybody didn't know, this is not the showdown for Best Couples, it simply a component of it. And if anyone thinks I dont like Bernice Liu, you are wrong! I adore her! It just coicidence that the matches I put her in aren't exactly in favour to her. I dont realize that until I'm done planning out stuff. So dont worry if it seems like Bernice isn't a favourite (she is on my favourites, isnt she?) , she will get her chance of glory.

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    Friday, June 29, 2007

    Hehe! I absolutely love HOG so I follow up alot on it. =] Here are some of the things I found out:

    • Original Cao Fu Bor [Uncle Bor] was supposed to be played by Wayne Lai but he had a sudden stomach ache on the first day and was thus replaced with Louis Yuen

    What makes it kind of surprising is in chinese, they are both called "Cheung".
    Wayne Lai - Lai Yiu CHEUNG.
    Louis Yuen - Yuen Siu CHEUNG.
    • Original Dai Kei / Ling Hao was supposed to be played by Nancy Sit but she had to do a health promotion for 3 days during costume fitting, thus they replaced her with Lee Si Kei.

    What makes it a bit more surprising is that rumour has it that they aren't in good terms.
    That's why the series, A Kindred Spirit ended earlier than expected.
    Of course, when asked they both deny that fact.

    Hehe.. I used paint to try and remake the poster of what it might have looked like if no one was replaced..couldn't really go it for Wayne..hard to find pics.

    • In the story, Lee Si Kei has cancer, in real life she really did have cancer but she survived it [this was also one of the reasons why A Kindred Spirit ended earlier. Imagine how long KS wouls have been if this didn't happen]

    • In the episode when Susanna Kwan holds a press conference that is sabotaged by Chris Lai, the slap he gave him caused the series to peak at 42 points! Originally though, the slap was not included but they felt there was something missing.

    • This has been the second time Susanna Kwan and Chris Lai played mother and son. Once being in The Glittering Days and now in Heart of Greed.

    Susanna Kwan on right, Chris Lai on Left in The Glittering Days.

    Chris Lai left, Susanna Kwan right in Heart of Greed

    • Originally Raymond Lam was going to play a guest star as Tavia’s ex-husband but they later changed him into the lover of Linda.

    Hmm..can't imagine Raymond as an abusive husband.
    LOL I found out that the guy on the right who actually plays
    Tavia's abusive husband has been in 3 series with Tavia where he liked her.
    • Before the series aired, there was rumors that the theme song was going to be sung by Moses and Raymond [ if they were the actual singers for the themesong... I wodner how it'd sound like...]

    • In the episode when Raymond had interviewed Linda for a job at the Law Office, Linda sees a picture. She mistaken it for his wife but it turns out to be his sister and her son. Did you notice that ever since then, Raymond never ever talked about her? At the funeral of Raymond, she didn’t show up? It was as if she never even existed besides that one time in the picture.

    Hmm.. kind of weird how they just mention Raymond having a sister once and then never afterwards. I didn't even see the point in putting in that scene.

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    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    I'm not exactly sure if I have any readers at my blog but for my next TVB showdown, I wanted to know what people want to read about. So if you can, please vote on the poll at the side =]

    | 3:17 p.m. |

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    I think it’s been about 7 years since we last had so many people coming back to do series. I was watching TVB 33rd Anniversary and at the beginning performances [back when everyone worked hard to celebrate] they had a section of about 10 people that came back to TVB to work on series. It was awesome watching all of them come back standing side by side at the 33rd Anniversary! Anyways ever since then there has been some who have gone, some who have come back but I think this year has had the most number of people.

    Let’s Take a Look:

    Esther Kwan

    Esther had left TVB 6 years ago when she married to Nick Cheung and was pregnant. At the age of 42, she is now back as the main character Wong Ka Nam in the series, Best Selling Secrets.

    Elaine Kam Yin Ling

    Elaine Kam, the tai chi master in Best Selling Secrets. She was originally in TVB a long time ago, then went to ATV and is now back in TVB. If I remember correctly, she was the original Siu Lung Lui [little dragon girl] or one of the female Jing Yong characters.

    Ngok Wah

    Ngok Wah plays the rich husband of Michelle Yim in The Brink of Law. The only series I know he was in was Looking Back in Anger.

    Susanna Kwan

    Susanna Kwan came back from Canada recently and has starred in The Glittering Days and Heart of Greed.

    Lee Si Kei

    Lee Si Kei came back recently from Canada after the cancer from her leg was gone, to play the role of Dai Kei in the series Heart of Greed. Her last series before leaving Hong Kong was A Kindred Spirit.

    Gallen Lo

    Gallen had originally left TVB but is now back with TVB to film a new series. Good to have him back =].

    Although, this isn’t a lot compared to the 33rd Anniversary but with some many artists leaving TVB lately, 6 new artists coming back is a good start. I hope to see more artists coming back and some of the old fa dans such as Marianne Chan and Flora Chen. And if I miss anyone feel free to let me know!

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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    I'm back with a sequel to my first article, Mean Roles with a new concept. The idea of gaining back fame is the same but how is different.

    In the year of 2007, there has been lots of new drama series that are grabbing everyone's attention. TVB is using this chance to once again help those who have fell down to get back up. In Mean Roles, my article states that you have to go from mean to nice. In this article, plain evil is just fine!

    Michelle Yim

    Michelle Yim has always been popular. You may wonder, so why is she on this list? Well, she's an exception but this is her breakthrough series. Everybody loves Michelle for her lovely mother roles in Into Thin Air, The Academy or The Gentle Crackdown. People are going to get sick of her nice person roles eventually! So this new role playing Sung Kam Chi, as a wife of a man who is involved with the mafia will completely blow you away!
    In ACTION!

    Picture credits to KforTVB
    Sung Kam Chi, wife of a wealthy man who to everyone seems very calm and nice BUT inside she very calculative. She herself is involved with the underground deals. Her mind gets even more sick when she realizes all the affairs her husband has and in order to protect her kids she does whatever she can. Even if it means, killing.
    How far this character would go to and all the planning she does graps views attention. Everyone wants to know, what will she do next? Michelle has truly shined out from this series. We get to see the diversity she has, whether she plays the good person or the villian!
    Shirley Yeung

    Admit it! We all hate Shirley! She always plays that dumb innocent girl that always acts cute! We hate it! You hate it! Somehow she even snatched the Best Supporting Actress at the TVB39th Anniversary! The point is, no body really care for her until her break through series Brink of Law as Sung Ka Yee. Another villain in the series that is just as evil as Michelle!
    In ACTION!

    Sung Ka Yee, a fashion designer who gets what she wants even if it requires sacrifices. Anyone interfering, she'll get rid of them. Love life? The same! No body can take away the person she loves from her. She goes so far as planning to get her rival rapped!
    A completely different Shirley Yeung! You'll still hate her, but just hate character! The amount of foul play she does will drive you mad. Yet you won't forget her. Next time is she wins an award for this role, instead of everyone going, WHAT?! we might actually applaud!
    Susanna Kwan

    A famous actress and singer in her time, Susanna Kwan is back! She was back a bit earlier for the series, The Glittering Days but who's going to remember that? Coming back from Canada, Susanna easily strikes back into the television world by her role in, Heart of Greed as Wong Sau Kam. Everyone is talking about her! Everyone knows who she is!
    In ACTION!

    Picture credits to KforTVB
    Wong Sau Kam, second wife of the owner of a famous abalone store and a heirloom of 600 million dollars. Having only a common -law marriage she worries of not receiving a single penny. She develops schemes, alter words, play nice all to get half of the heirloom. She is even willing to go to court and let the entire world know to get what she wants. Her evil acts of kindness and horrible wants causes audience to literally want to slap her.
    Susanna Kwan makes a quick breakthrough and many may hate her but her acting truly outshines. Everyone talks about her role. Everyone wants to give a piece of their mind. Everyone applauds her for her wonderful acting!
    What is next for the mean roles?

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    | 8:55 p.m. |

    Recently, Yumiko was a guest star in Toronto at Canada's Wonderland for the Singing Contest. That dat she was wearing a tube top in which didn't fit her. Sadly in her first performance she revealed two dots... [eh hem in case you didn't know those were her nipples . She was unable to do anything about it until a worker came and gave her flowers so she could pull up her top. The point is....
    her nipples were revealed to a stadium of people for one full song. Did this not happen when it was dress rehearsal? Aren't you suppose to tape down your shirts?
    My thoughts: Well first of all I was there. I was watching it happen but I didn't really notice it until my sister caught it on her cellphone. Anyways, I feel this was done on purpose. This is like twice!!! Hasn't Yumiko learned that anything that doesnt seem to fit you should be taped!!!She did something worse than Janet, she did a double! Disgusting!! Who wears a tube top when you need to dance? You only wear it if you have chests to hold it up!!! Dont be influenced by Paris Hilton!!!


    | 10:35 a.m. |

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Ahem! I guess I should have posted this up before I posted the previous article but I realized people probably don't know who the heck I am. Anyways, I'm Lavendar_Bluez. A TVB fan that romes around TVB related sites and does some minor posting. You can probably google my name for some of the places of posted at. Um... this is my first time opening up my own blog. Any famous blogger I'm related to? Yes. Hehe here is where I am advertising: I am the sis of the TVB Musing / VOH Network owner, MetalAZNWarrior.
    Hmm... some links to the articles/reviews I've written:

    All in which I would post onto my blog after I figure out how to without actually posting it as a new article.

    | 9:56 p.m. |

    TVB Showdown is the on-going feature at inLovewithTVB that will compare anything related to TVB in 3 simple rounds. I first got my inspirations from MuchMusic’s version so I decided to start my own but it’s for TVB ONLY. Basically the point is to have a battle between two similar TVB related subjects in 3 simple rounds. Each round will have a winner. The side that wins the most is of course…the WINNER.

    TVB Showdown #01

    Why? They are both the top two leading fadans of TVB and are most likely to become the next leading sisters. Both starting off as pageants, they reached great success immediately in the world of TVB series. In 2006, TVB released a Lady in Red Album in which both Myolie and Bernice took part in. Both actresses’ songs led to a chance to launch a singing career in which they did collaboration in EEG’s TVB Kid’s Song Selection Album called, Chocolate and Vanilla. Both are highly praised actresses but just who is more successful?

    Round 1:

    Who Launched Out Better?

    Myolie Wu entered the beauty pageant in 1999 where she won second runner-up. After a highly praised performance of her acting abilities during the pageant, she joined TVB after wards starting out as small roles. Starting off with At Point Blank in 2001 but she wasn’t recognized until her role as the younger sister of Gallen Lo in Golden Faith, 2002. This resulted to her chance of winning TVB’s Most Improved Actress 2002 award.

    Bernice Liu was born in British Columbia, Canada where she won Miss Chinese Vancouver in 2000 as well as the award for Miss Photogenic and Perfect Complexion. She then went on to winning Miss Chinese International in 2001 as well as winning the award for Miss Talent and Miss Cosmopolitan. She then signed a contract with TVB and she was became part of the hit sitcom Virtues of Harmony in 2001 where she played the infamous Princess. Although she did not receive any awards but everyone knew who she was.

    So Who wins?

    Bernice Liu!

    Myolie Wu may have gotten an award but she required about 3 years before she was recognized for her acting. As well it took Myolie longer to snatch a main role. Meanwhile, Bernice won two pageants and was a big success in her first series, Virtues of Harmony. Afterwards she played many main roles in her series. She was an instant success! As well, when Myolie first started acting, one of the directors of TVB had said to her, “No matter how I look at you, you will only be a fourth-tier actress! For people like you, if you can't come out on top from the start, you don't stand a chance to compete. It will be difficult for you to succeed!” Not exactly the best way to start a career.
    Who sings better?

    So far within her acting career, she has sung a total of eight songs that belong to her which consists of:
  • To Grow With Love Sub-Theme song aka Miss Pig
  • To Grow With Love Theme song - Myolie Wu & Andy Hui
  • Lady in Red Album (Various Artists) - Fortunately (War & Destiny Theme song)
  • 1+1 (Radio Drama Theme Song
  • Lost in the Chamber of Love Theme song - Ron Ng & Myolie Wu
  • Scavenger's Paradise Theme song - Myolie Wu, Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma & Cherrie Kong
  • War of In Laws Theme song - Myolie Wu, Liza Wang & Bosco Wong
  • EEG TVB Kids Songs Selection Album - Chocolate and Vanilla - Myolie Wu & Bernice Liu
  • Out of all the fadans, she was the first to step out and sing. Her first song, 1+1 for the radio drama, Sky of Love 4+4 was surprisingly great for a new actress thus lead to the other fadans to step out and sing songs too. On the Jade Solid Gold Charts, Myolie song, Fortunately was #9 [May 31, 2006 - June 06, 2006] and was then #6 [June 07, 2006 - June 13, 2006].

    Bernice started singing in her first series’ album, Happy Together of the hit sitcom, Virtues of Harmony. Songs she has sung ever since includes:

    • Happy Together Album (VOH cast) – Women Waiting for Love- Nancy Sit, Bernice Liu, Bondy Chiu, Joyce Chen
    • Happy Together Album (VOH cast) -Fighting Enemies – Bernice Liu, Frankie Lam
    • Happy Together Album (VOH cast) – Everyone Laughs – Entire VOH cast
    • Love Bond Sub – Bernice Liu & Moses Chan
    • Into Thin Air - Truth – Bernice Liu
    • EEG TVB Kids Songs Selection Album - Chocolate and Vanilla - Myolie Wu & Bernice Liu
    • Brink of Law Sub – Break Up – Bernice Liu
    • The Slicing of the Demon Theme song – Bernice Liu

    Bernice’s Truth, for the series Into Thin Air has received two awards and recently Bernice received JSG’s Newcomer Award.

    So Who wins?

    Myolie Wu!

    Bernice’s songs may receive a lot more acknowledgement but I prefer Myolie. Out of all Bernice’s songs I mainly only like Truth and her duet with female VOH casts in Woman Waiting For Love. Meanwhile, I just adore the songs Myolie sing and her voice. I love Fortunately, for its strong lyrics. I love the To Grow With Love songs because they have a catchy tune. I love 1+1 because I just like it. Bernice is a great singer buts it’s just that the songs she sing are much harder for me to follow though and it’s because the judging is based on my opinion. That’s why Myolie won this round =].

    Who Has A Bigger Back up?

    In the acting career, it always helps to have some veterans who approve of you. Who acknowledge you and like you. It just so happens that both Myolie and Bernice have a veteran that supports them or feel they have potential.

    Myolie and Liza collaborated together in their first series, War of in-Laws in the year of 2005. The series were an automatic hit since together they played the roles of in-laws. At the 2005, TVB Anniversary Myolie’s role lost out to Liza’s Role for main character but Myolie felt Liza deserved to win. In return Liza felt Myolie had great potential and soon they collaborated again in late 2005, When Rules Turns Loose. This time they had a mother-daughter relationship and again they had good chemistry. Liza even told the media that she would support Myolie in the 2006 TVB Anniversary. Now, they are once again collaborating for a sequel to War of in-Laws.

    Nancy and Bernice collaborated together, when Bernice first came out in the hit sitcom, Virtues of Harmony. It was the time didn’t know Chinese very well compared to how much more improved she is now. In an article, there was a section where she talks about Nancy:
    Bernice Cried During Her "Virtue of Harmony" Years
    "My first series was 'Virtues of Harmony.' I really have to thank Nancy Sit Ka Yin. During filming, there were often last minute changes to the script. When that happened, my father was not there to help me translate the script. Holding the script, I didn't even know how to read one word of it and was quite helpless. I cried several times because of this. But thanks to Nancy as she explained the script to me."
    "Although I am Chinese, but Hong Kong is still a new place to me. Although this may sound cliché, but Nancy gave me a very warm and secure feeling. Within a short timeframe, I was able to immerse totally into work. Mrs. Tsang was also very willing to give opportunities to new people. Despite my early downfalls, I was able to pick myself up again. I am really grateful to Nancy and Mrs. Tsang."

    Nancy provided care for Bernice when she needed it. Although Virtues of Harmony has ended, time and time they will call each other or chat when they see each other.

    So who wins?

    Sorry Bernice but Myolie Wins! True, Bernice and Nancy Sit may have a closer relationship that could bring a tear to the eye but no veteran could beat TVB’s ah Jie! When it comes to status, Liza Wang has more power than Nancy Sit. Probably because Liza would throw a little fit if it doesn’t go her way while Nancy simply flex around it. As well Myolie and Liza are the hit veteran-fa dan right now. Everyone loves seeing Myolie and Liza thus they have more chances of being together like they are for the new series, War of in-Laws II. Meanwhile, Bernice and Nancy don’t exactly see each other nor have any series together. A nice close relationship that will never proceed can’t beat a popular processing relationship.
    And the Winner is ...

    Myolie wins! Myolie may have not received a good launch into her career but with a good back up, who cares? Liza Wang is the top TVB veteran, so Myolie has definitely made a nice catch. As well, she has a great voice that’s perfect for singing! A lot of her songs are widely accepted amongst people. So far, I believe she has won the most awards out of all the new fadans. Up to date, she has won:
    • 2007 Next Magazine TV Artists Awards: 3rd
    • 2006 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favourite Actress - Tin Lik in "War of In-Laws"
    • 2006 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favourite character from "War of In-Laws"
    • 2006 Annual Artiste Award: Best Music Newcomer - Silver
    • 2006 Annual Artiste Award: Best TV Actress Award - Bronze
    • 2006 Yahoo Buzz! Award: Yahoo most searched TV Actress Award
    • 2006 Metro Showbiz Television Awards: Top 12 Popular TV Series Actor/Actress Award
    • 2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Most Popular On-Screen Couple - Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu
    • 2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Top 10 Favourite Characters - Myolie Wu for "Tin Lik" in WOIL
    • 2006 Next Magazine TV Artists Awards: 7th
    • 2005 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favorite character from "Dream of Colours"
    • 2005 Golden TVS Awards from South China: Most Popular Cantonese Speaking Actress
    • 2005 Yahoo Buzz! Award: Yahoo most searched TV Actress Award
    • 2005 TVB Weekly: Most Popular Female Idol Award
    • 2005 Next TV Magazine: Ferti "Style & Chic" Award
    • 2005 Smiling Together & Lifting our Spirits Function: Brightest Smile Award
    • 2004 Entertainment Weekly: Future Galore Star
    • 2003 3rd Weekly: Popular Actress Award
    • 2003 Next TV Magazine: Best "Personal Style" Smile
    • 2002 TVB 35th Anniversary: Most Improved Actress Award
    • 1999 Miss Hong Kong: 2nd runner up & "Most Energetic" Award

    In recent years, she has also made it to fighting with the older actresses for TVB’s Best Female Actress. An actress with so much recognition is definitely on the route to success!

    So who do you think should have won?

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