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    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    It’s Anniversary season, meaning everyone is on the buss talking about TVB’s 40th Anniversary! Like everyone else, I am too. Just recently TVB held it’s opening ceremonies and did you guys notice what the stars were wearing? Some looks great but some just make you slap your head.

    The Head shakers:

    It's a bit too casual for an opening ceremony. I mean maybe the pants and shirt is okay but instead of that long brown coat thing, maybe he could have worn a black blazer or something. You see, I personally think only girls should wear those type of coats that are really long and especially if it's sweater material. Eh!!! Don't like it.

    Aiyah!! See Kei jie, its so gold!!! And if I remember correctly the shoes were kinda old fashion too! I think its okay for all gold, like a full dress and she can pair it with a cashmere that's a different colour but its a two piece. I can see that she has a black top under, maybe if she didn't buckle up all the way it would've been better.

    The Okays:

    It would have been better if Bosco wore a different colour shirt under his outer coat - I dont even know what it is. Right not it looks like a casual white shirt but I can sort of make out two different shirts in the picture.

    When I first saw this pic, it reminded me of the biker punk chic look. It's casual but because its black and you can tell the material it is makes it some what seem formal. I'm surprised she's a bit casual cause she usually dresses up a bit more. I love her hair!! =]

    Both dresses are more formal but simple. I like Vivien's dress a bit more but her yellow shoes dont really match. I think Charmaine should wear a necklace or something to match with her shoes.

    Well I'm glad Shirley got rid of her princess look but I'm not too fond of her dress either. I think something else would have suit her hair style. i.e the one she wore for Beautiful Cooking was nice.

    This would have actually been on my head shakers list but I heard the company organized the dress so I moved her up. It's really simple but the real dislike is the black top covering a royal blue skirt. Looks kind of weird doesn't it? Also I think Charmaine must love those type of peter pan shoes. I see her wear it alot. I think they're fine but I think it would have been better to wear something different.

    I'm glad Liza got rid of the pink princess dress to go for the more classic black look. Dodo's dress looks kind of funny with the sudden change in the dress's design. Pink to floral designs. I like her hair though, but then it's always been like that so yeah.

    The Runner Ups: ( they would have been on my favourites if....)

    The dress is actually pretty but I think she should have paired it with a diamond necklace or something.

    I dont like those beads on Sharon's dress but it's a big improvement from what she wore at the 39th Anniversary. Overall, though the dress is kind of nice. Michael looks like he's worn this look before but any ways, it's not bad if he didn't have those dangly strings .

    Actually, I like Kevin's look except I didn't have a picture of himself so he's here. The real person I'm putting here is Kate. Her dress from the back is gorgeous but the front with that pendant she's wearing makes it all look weird and the gloves.
    Here's how it looks from behind:

    It's pretty eh??

    Tavia's outfit looks nice actually but I think it looks a bit casual probably with the skirt she's wearing. Still nice though that I would actually put her in my favourites catagory too.. Chris Lai looks good too but I dont have much comments when guys just dress formal but I do like the white blouse sticking out look. Can't really tell if Christine is wearing a dress or pants but it looks okay but I think it makes her look a bit fatter than usual.
    My Favourites / Likes:

    I can't exactly see the entire dress but it looks pretty. I just dont like the leopard skin =P Makes it look really weird.

    I like Raymond's suit and I like how he chooses not to tie a bow tie. You see those black ribons from the collar, I think those are meant to be for bow ties but I guess Raymond doesn't like to tie it.

    It's probably my favourite dress, it's simple but in a way the design makes up for it. It's really eye catching with the green and just the overall look of Gigi is really pretty.

    I actually have many many other looks I liked, but I couldn't find pics but the moment I find them I think I'll write a part two! =]

    Oh Ya, did you guys notice the new look?? The banner was done credits to my sis, Flor.a in celebration of the upcoming TVB 40th Anniversary!!! I'm so excited for it!
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