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    Friday, October 5, 2007

    The List if of Nominees are out and I'm happy to see lots of the people I'm rooting for on the list! Ofcourse this list is going to shorten even more for the final 5 for each categories. So before they post it up, I want to make my guests but before I post, I'm going to tell you this article is split into 3 posts. This one if of who I want to make into Top 5. Next one is Who is GOING to make it into Top 5. And finally They've Made it to the Top 5, so who's going to win?

    Who I want in the TOP 5 - Best Actress:

    Lee Si Kei - Heart of Greed

    Susanna Kwan - Heart of Greed

    Michelle Yim - The Brink of Law

    Jessica Hsaun - Dicey Business

    Linda Chung - Heart of Greed

    Lee Si Kei & Susanna: the choice is obvious. I am a fan of Heart of Greed thus I am biased in my decisions. But the main reasons I want them on is because I think they do deserve the recognition. I love Lee Si Kei's role although it is said to be similar to her role in A Kindred Spirit but the difference really is that after so many years her acting is still as great. Her role may be similar to Kindred but her role as Dai Kei is different in the fact that she is kind and wise but she will not tolerate schemes and lies. Susanna is because her first role was in The Glittering Days as Auntie Chu/ Giu as a really gentle women and when I see her again she's the fiesty second wife and her acting was really promising.

    Michelle Yim: I loved her performance in The Brink of Law even though the series wasn't as great as I hoped. I liked the idea of her being evil yet always doing things with class. I was so use to her kind motherly roles in her previous series that I was surprised how well she could act as an evil person.

    Jessica Hsuan: I guess I would say that I would never imagine Jessica in such a role. Her character is a gambling addict, undecisive and a bit greedy. I'm so use to Jessica's more righteous or normal roles than this new image of hers. As undisciplined of a role she may have, I enjoyed her performance none the less.

    Linda Chung: I honestly think that this is Linda's break through performance. Although at the beginning I felt she was a bit weak in her character's personality but I began to grow on her. I loved when Seung Joi Sum was begining to grow up into a Lawyer she was. I cried when all the horrible things began happening to her. I started to really understand her feelings and though many says it applause to the script you really need someone good to actually act a role out. And that's what I thought about Linda. It was really good performance on her part and even if she doesn't win the Best Actress I hope she would get acknowledged some how.

    Who I Want in the Top 5 - Best Actor:
    Bobby Au Yeung - Dicey Business

    Ha Yu - Heart of Greed

    Moses Chan - Heart of Greed

    Wong He - Fathers and Sons

    Bobby Au Yeung: I love Bobby in every series he plays. I always want him to win Best Actor but I always know he wont get it in the end because he's not a contracted star. Either way though, I hope Bobby atleast makes it to Top 5 to show that he's good enough to win Best Actor.

    Ha Yu: I chose him because I liked his performance in Heart. I at first thought his role would be some what the same as WRTL, Mister Optimistic. As the series went on though, I saw the change in his character. True he may be optimistic but there IS a limit to how much one person can take. I saw him fall down when he realized his son was going to elope with a married women. I saw how shattered he became when he realized how much he hurt his wife. I saw him shake when he realized his wife he loved for so long was cheating on him all along. The best part though, was when I saw him as a father who cared for his children so much that he would leave the hospital when he was ill in order to stop the nonsense of his to be divorced wife. I loved the role Dai Bao but I also loved Ha Yu's performance.

    Moses Chan: His role is similar to his other foolish guy roles but in this series I saw the tragicness Moses can develop in his acting. I can really see the sadness in his eyes when he cried for the many different things that happened to him. I could really sense the feeling of him trying to pretend everything is alright even though inside he knew it wasn't true. I haven't actually finished one of Mose's series until Heart which is probably why I feel so strong about him.

    Wong He: I loved how Wong He really took away his cool & calm role and let himself enter a more femine role. He honestly got me laughing when I saw him so sassy as a Househusband. I'm actually glad Wong He was willing to give up his Mr.Cool reputation to transform into a manly housewife type of guy.

    Who I Want in the Top 5 - Best Supporting Actor:

    Paul Chun – Glittering Day

    Benz Hui – Dicey Business

    Wong Cho Lam - Best Selling Secrets

    Derek Kwok – Family Link

    Louis Yuen/ Chris Lai – Heart Of Greed

    Paul Chun & Benz Hui & Derek Kwok: Derek, Paul and Benz really deserve the recognition since every series they are in, they give wonderful performances!

    Wong Cho Lam: OMG!! Who is this guy? I absolutely adore him. I actually first saw him in Heavenly In-Laws but his performance was best in Best Selling Secrets. He's so funny and I love his expressions. Apparently he can actually imitate animal voices which I find is really cool.

    Louis Yuen: They always put Louis as the funny guy but also really nice so I was really happy to see him as the jerk uncle in Heart. I literally felt the need to choke him because he was such a big jerk, especially to Michelle Yim.

    Chris Lai:I think out of all the series I've seen Chris in, this is his best.

    Who I Want in the Top 5 - Best Supporting Actress:

    Florence Kwok - On The First Beat

    Mary Hon Ma Li - Fathers And Son

    Both of these supporting actresses are really good thus I hope they make it.

    Who I Want in the Top 5 - Most Improved:

    Wong Cho Lam – Best Selling Secrets

    Lai Lok Yi – Glittering Days/Ten Brothers/Heart Of Greed/Green Grass Of Home

    Fala Chen- Heart Of Greed / Family Link / Steps

    Leila Tong – Ten brothers / War And Destiny /Family Link

    Who I Want in the Top 5 - Best Series:

    War And Destiny

    Heart Of Greed

    Fathers And Son

    Dicey Business

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