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    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    TVB: A Commemoration of the Past is not an ongoing feature but is my article on all the things there use to be. Now things have changed and alot of things cant be seen any more. This article is just to refresh our memories of the good old days of TVB.

    Note: I'm sorry to people who were expecting something bigger. At first my mind was set on something big but like I said in my previous post I thought of the ideas on my trip so now I think I forgot some stuff.

    #01: BIG Casts

    These are some of the stars in A Kindred Spirit! These are not the pics of them in Kindred though since its too hard to find any family photos of Kindred.

    Back in the days, it was popular to have series with big casts. The most famous series being known for that was A Kindred Spirit. In this series there are 92 characters not including special guests. There has been many other series that’ve also had the hype of big casts too but none can possibly compare to Kindred. Over the years though, that fad had began to die down a bit. Not every writer would have all that time to incorporate many characters in their story.

    Did You Know? A Kindred Spirit Special:

    Below is a youtube video of an interview done specially to celebrate Kindred's 3rd year anniversary uploaded by yammyyau


    Can you recognize some of the stars in this photo?

    Abbreviation for Enjoy Yourself Tonight was a popular variety show in Hong Kong and is said to be one of the first shows to be ever broadcasted there. First aired on November 20, 1967 , it has had about 6613 episodes, lasting for 27 years and could be compared with America’s Saturday Night Live to become one of the world’s longest running live-shows!
    Sadly on October 5, 1994, the show ended so a great portion of us younger generation aren’t able to enjoy this program.

    #03: Before They Became Movie Stars

    Actors in their TVB series

    A lot of today’s famous Hong Kong movie actors started out as actors of TVB. Andy Lau for example was in Hunting, Duke of Mountain Deer (1980) and many other old series of TVB. Even our comedy king, Stephen Chow started out in TVB series like Final Combat. A lot of the time, our movie actors were in most of all time favorites. Remember State of Divinity? Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber? Return of the Condor Heroes? A lot of these all time favorites are mainly liked for the original ones played by our HK actors. Today we no longer are able to see our lovely actors in TVB series since a lot of them became big time award – winning movie stars. Still, many of us try to dig up those original copies to re-watch them back in their times.

    #04:Extravagant Anniversaries

    This is probably the section I’m most sure everyone misses. It is the old anniversaries! This may sound cruel, but I do miss watching the TVB artists working hard to celebrate. They always have this climax thing to their poses so it makes everyone all excited. My favorites of course would be the ones where towards the end of the performance you see even more TVB artists coming out and joining in. Now, its just plain award ceremonies and maybe mini shows that only require the dance dancers. The most you can see of the past is their opening ceremonies which of course can mislead others into thinking TVB has decided to resume their old traditions but sink when they realize it’s ONLY the opening ceremony. Rumor has it that people watching the show live complained it was too long, so TVB decided to cut down on the events. After I found out, I only had one thing in mind: DON’T LET ME FIND OUT WHO IS WAS OR I WILL TRACK THEM DOWN! It’s because of them, anniversaries seem like they lack something and everyone’s forced to watch an Oscar. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching the Oscars but 2 Oscars in one year and especially since you are so use to the hype TVB once made it seem like.

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