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    Friday, July 6, 2007

    Virtues of Harmony has won 2nd place in both TVB's Longest Modern Series and TVB Longest Drama. It started in 2001 and ended in 2005 (credits to VOH Network for the info). It was a popular long running sitcom and now TVB is constantly trying to shove the same idea to the viewers but sadly, it isn't working.

    In 2006, TVB released another long running series, Welcome to the House. The concept was the same, big cast and many different stories / issues. The ratings were doing not bad and usually remained in the high 20s but it didn't have the same hype as VOH.

    In 2007, TVB tries again using their old fa dan, Esther Kwan. Everyone was excited to see the reutrn of a great actress. The concept was the same, big cast and many different stories only it was about the work force. TVB must have thought that if the stories were focused on work then the ratings would definetly rise even higher than Welcome to the House. They were wrong, it went worse! Even with Esther being the female lead and having many special guests such as Bernice Liu and Wayne Lai it was still doing poorly. Recently, TVB has even announced to reduce 100 episodes from the original plan.

    If we were to compare the stats of VOH II (keep it on same level), WTTH and BSS this is what it'd look like from highest to lowest:

    TV ratings: 1 point = 64260 viewers

    *numbers in brackets represent how much more the series is losing or gaining than the previous series*

    Virtues of Harmony : Modern II:

    Highest Ratings: Week 29: 34pts

    Av. Ratings: 30pts over 88 weeks

    Av. Number of Viewers : 1,927,800

    Welcome to the House Ratings:
    Highest Ratings: Week 17: 30pts [-4pts]
    Av. Ratings: 28pts over 20 weeks
    Av. Number of Viewers: 1,799,280

    Best Selling Secrets [ up till date]:

    Highest Ratings : Week 4: 29 pts [-1 pt]

    Av. Ratings: 26 pts over 15 weeks

    Av. Number of Viewers: 1,670,760

    *if you decide to take this info, please credit me! It took me a long time to calculate those averages!*

    Not only are these new sitcoms decresing in ratings but they are decreasing in viewers. Besides VOH none of the other sitcoms has won any recognition.

    So here's the question:

    Are people getting sick of TVB's long running sitcoms or was VOH too good that everyone has higher expectations?

    I personally choose to think that VOH was just too good =P. I've watched the other two series. I didn't mind WTTH what it lacked of was some wittiness and its too family oriented. I feel like every single episode the entire family has to be there to solve it or something. As well there were some pretty stupid plots. Best Selling Secrets, I couldn't really go far since I just didn't find that motivation TVB series usually have to push me to watch more. But I'm just reading the news and I find it amusing how TVB just keeps on pushing these new long running sitcoms but they don't seem to realize it's now working. Time and time we see how the ratings aren't doing so well and people wondering why they just wont end it. Now TVB even announces they have to take off 100 episodes because they know the ratings aren't doing well. They dont plan to spend too much money if a series just isn't well received.
    Now I just wanted to move everyone onto something related to this post but not entirely related.
    Does anyone besides me realize all three sitcoms have someone in common?

    Kingdom Yuen!

    Kingdom Yuen plays Sasa in VOH.

    Kingdom Yuen plays the aunt in WTTH

    pic credits:AnimeMaster179002
    Kingdom Yuen guest stars in BSS
    Of course, Kingdom only really made success with VOH out of all the long running sitcoms and she learned her lesson in WTTH because she only decides to guest star in BSS! Good job! =]

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