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    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    TVB is known for their representative colours, blue, green and red but the meaning isn’t simply that. Each colour has its own meaning in hopes for its entire work force, the actors, actress, series, events etc.
    The Meaning of Blue:

    Click on photo to enlarge

    Blue represents wealth. TVB is probably the wealthiest television station in the world of Asia. The amount of money they put into their productions is breath taking to us. In the year 2007, they have 3 grand productions, Heart of Greed, The Drive of Life and Jewel’s Splendor. Each production relates to these very wealthy people. Just imagine how much it simply costs just to dress the cast. Wealth is also represented through TVB’s actors and actress. The events the actors and actress has to show up for dressed in their most elegant attire cost about 7 figures each. Them being celebrities mean they can’t wear the same dress (girls) or tuxedos (boys) twice meaning each year they have to pay another 7 figure. And that’s only the dress. These actors and actress are paid A LOT to afford all that although it may not be TVB who's paying. =]

    The meaning of Green:

    Click on photo to enlarge

    Green represents harmony. As a big television station, with so many people, TVB would definitely hope for harmony in order for it to last. Year and year, they hold an anniversary that brings everyone together to let everyone mingle and get along. Harmony can be seen through the group photos and the different groups that work together to make TVB’s birthday a lasting memory! The sad thing is, TVB on the other hand is breaking that harmony by being unfair on the awards…

    The Meaning of Red:

    click on photo to enlarge

    Red represents happiness. Everyone who works for TVB should be happy with their job. Happiness influences others to be happy. Happiness is something TVB’s meant for. Provide enjoyment through their series, having variety of celebrations and of course the most happiness is seen when they acknowledge their workers. People loving receiving awards, I mean who doesn’t? Good ratings also bring happiness because the higher the ratings the more TVB pays them!

    So not only does TVB have great series, scripts and actors/ actresses but their logo is even better. All the components of a successful business is represented through their colours: blue, green and red. Wealth, harmony and happiness!! What more could they wish for?

    Note from the author: This will be my last post before I leave on a trip. So there will be no update for 2 weeks! But don't worry, when I come back the updates will resume =] Hope you guys enjoyed this post. =]

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