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    Sunday, July 8, 2007

    What are the components of fruit baskets? Fruits and a basket! But it isn’t just any type of fruit; it has to be fruit that goes well together. Similar to how TVB decide which actors and actresses in a series. You don’t usually see people put mangoes and apples in a fruit basket which is like TVB haven’t put Gigi Lai with Kenix Kwok in a series. They are both really good actresses but can you imagine seeing them acting in the same series?

    That’s why I’m presenting a good example of a TVB fruit basket… my favourite series, Virtues of Harmony!
    The Basket

    The basket is the most important component of a fruit basket. Without a basket what type of fruit basket is it? That’s why the Basket is the Script / Storyline of Virtues of Harmony. Have you ever seen anyone buy fruit baskets with an ugly basket? That's like saying since when do good series have stupid script or bad plot? Who ever had written the script and storyline for VOH was very witty but also included the basic needs of family stories. What family doesn’t have conflicts? What family doesn’t eat dinner? What family doesn’t spend time some time together? The writer of this series had included all the necessary aspects. No body watches a series with bad plot.

    The Apple

    Every fruit basket would have apples. I basically have never seen a fruit basket without apples especially since they are usually the leading fruit. In the Kam Family, how is it going to work without someone leading it? Obviously, the fruit basket of the VOH cast is our very own Ma Chi played by Nancy Sit. You may think, another character should be the fruit basket but in the series, who do most of the characters turn to advice for? Who helps solves the problem? Our very own Ma Chi of course!

    The Pear

    For the pear, I didn’t really think about its popularity or its taste. So I’m first going to tell you that Bernice Liu is the Pear of VOH. I’m not sure if anyone has told you but to Chinese people the pear actually represents a figure. Any woman that has this figure is considered well produced (lol in other terms sexy). So when I thought of this, the first thing I thought of was Bernice. She is known for being sexy and she is a MI so she obviously has good figure! As well I would also say Joyce Chen our Ah Yat since VOH had included a plot in regards to Ah Yat's good figure makes other girls look bad.

    The Banana

    Not everyone likes bananas because some feels the taste is too bland and has a bad after taste. This is why the Banana of VOH is Linda Chung. You see, Linda has been one of the few actresses that's been criticized by people and also one of the few that are liked. The people that don't like bananas because their taste is too bland are similar to people who think Linda's acting not good or nothing special. That's why everyone was mad when she won the most improved award. But like bananas though the more you eat it, the more you start to get use to it and like it. I to tell you the truth, at first I was like other anti-Linda Chung fans... well not anti but I didn't like her. Her voice was too light and I thought there was nothing special. But after a few more of her series came out and having to have watched Forensic Heroes and Heavenly in-Laws I liked her. And I saw that she really did improve at least compared to when she was in VOH. People, it doesn't mean you should eat too much bananas or watch all of Linda's series. It'll just make you sick! Since Hong Kong doesn't grow bananas, it make's Linda even more alike. They are both overseas... get it? (If you don't its ok. I thought it was a good joke.)

    The Orange

    Oranges are said to be thirst quenching and refreshing which is exactly why Cutie Mui is the Orange. In Virtues of Harmony she gave viewers a fresh character. In the ancient version she was a very loud, unlady like female. She spoke in language that is not appropriate for females and she was all about her strength. In the modern version, she's completely the opposite. She is a sophisticated, well educated and well mannered accountant. From being an unlady like women to an absolutely well mannered one is very incredible. Especially since Cutie Mui herself doesn't seem like the type in the modern version. Cutie's acting is what I called remarkable and is very refreshing.

    The Pineapple

    Pineapples are sweets fruits but they are commonly used for laughs due to its funny look. As well it's nice to eat sweet fruits and have a laugh at your day when you are chatting with your family. That's why the pineapple is given to both Louis Yuen and Kingdom Yuen. Both are good TV comedians. When you first see pineapples, it doesn't look appealing to be eaten with its appearance. Spiky looking leaves and brown old rough skin but on the inside it’s absolutely delicious. Similar to Louis and Kingdom. They both aren't what you would call good-looking or pretty but their acting is great. And once you have 'tried', you will love them! If you never eat a pineapple because it looks ugly, you will always miss out on a delicious fruit. If you always skip the parts with Louis and Kingdom because they don't look gorgeous than you are missing out on real talent!

    The Grape

    Grapes have different colours, different size and different taste. Grapes can taste sweet and they can taste sour which is similar to Bondy's role in VOH. The sourness is when she's being the b*tch and is crossing the border. The sweetness is when she's not in one of her plans or in conflict and is being a good friend. That's why Bondy's our grape. Some find her too b*tchy in VOH while some love her for her talent of being a b*tch or being kind hearted at unexpected times. She gives off sweet and sour. Not to forget to mention grapes are small fruits even when they are at their biggest forms which reminds me of Bondy. She's so thin and I think she is short even when she wears heels right? (Not too sure about this part).

    Overall, this series showed a good example of a perfect TVB fruit basket.

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