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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    If you have no clue what this feauture is, you can read the first article here.

    TVB SHOWDOWN #02: Best RUMOURED couple

    When it comes to rumoured couples, these two pairs are the most popular. BerMo , as I choose to call it have been rumoured since the 2005 series, Love Bond was aired. They played a cute couple as Mei Lai and Sit Sui. Boscolie, the common term has been rumoured since War of In-Laws playing Tin Lik and Ling Mau Chun. Every ones loves to use BerMo and Boscolie for their products and TVB loves to use them even more. These two pairs are the gossip of the media and everyonen just wants to know, are they for real? BerMo plays denial while Boscolie is more of the unknown. Both pairs are everyone's favourites. No one can compete (In the TVB World), but just who is the better rumoured couple?

    Round #01: Who Is MORE together?

    No couple can be rumoured unless you see some "magic". The more frequent we see them together, the better.

    Co-operating as a couple in Love Bond, was not enough. TVB had them co-operating again in Healing Hands. Although they haven't done any other co-operating series afterwards but it was enough for viewers to see the chemistry! Eventually the paparazzi began questioning them of their relationship and following them. Product owners began taking this chance to use them as models or representatives. They were a popular pair. Today they continue to be used as the ‘ideal’ couple who’d use whatever the product. Even veterans joke around with them about their relationship and sticking them together when doing events. Bermo are product owner's favourites.


    In the same year as BerMo, Boscolie was formed in the series, War of In-Laws. Although Liza Wang was the winning actress for this series but this did not overshadow the cute couple of the series. Ever since this series aired everyone always pushed them together. They are representatives together, they win the 2005 Favourite Couple award together and they are even going to act again together in the new series, My Sassy In-Law. Ever since, there has been rumours that one has visited the other at their house or had given them a ride home. Rumour has it that Bosco has sent lots of messages to Myolie while Myolie has been paying a visit to Bosco during filming. Even the veterans hint that there may be something. The paparazzi has truly captured this pair as their leading news on love affairs.

    So Who Wins?

    As much as I love BerMo ( in which I do!!) but they can't possibly compete with Boscolie. They've got it all in being together. Both couple have had two series together but Boscolie's got the paparazzi on their tail. Compared to BerMo - loving product owners, the paparazzi is much more bigger. It's the paparazzi who makes the couples famous. Yeah, the paparazzi may have caught Bermo together before but they've got even more on Boscolie. Boscolie is everywhere. Everyone talks about them. Even TVB is pushing these two together!

    Round #02: Who has a Future?

    At the moment, no one has really justified the fact that they are dating. But it doesn't hurt to start guessing...


    The truth is that everyone feels the have a chance together. Although both of them wont admit it but we can see it. They are who we consider the "shy" couple. They secretly like each other but aren't willing to admit it. When they were promoting Love Bond, Kenix & Michael held hands as a promo but BerMo refuses to. They are afraid it will cause rumours. Again in a Super Trio episode where they teased them. Immediately, it caused Moses to turn beet red.


    The truth is that everyone feels they have an affair. They are cute together. Their relationship is someone secretive and some what not. How I see it:

    Bosco hints that he has feelings for her, and this is quite often. He text messages her alot, doesn't mind fat girls ( Myolie as Fei Tin) and he likes her type.

    Myolie on the other hand prefers to keep everything a secret. She chooses to deny it.

    Add it all together, they have something going on!

    So Who wins?

    There may be something going on between Boscolie but a relationship like that will never last. Although it may seem that they are hiding a secret but to me, it seems like this is all a misunderstanding. I feel Myolie simply treats Bosco as a friend and a good partner [business wise]. They are a cute couple but they dont have a chance to actually have a future. BerMo on the other hand does. True, they both deny but it shows that they will not cave in to the media. Their future isn't going to be influenced just because the media wants them to. Instead of hinting about their relationship, they choose to keep everything private.

    Round #03: Who is more popular?

    For this round, I don't have details for each couple like the previous rounds. This one is much more straight forward.

    So Who Wins?

    Boscolie wins this round because their fans are continuing to grow and are bigger. BerMo on the other hand are losing some. People aren't as interested in them anymore. Boscolie on the other hand are gaining fans. They continue to become a big community!



    BerMo may have a chance with a future but Boscolie wins in being the most TOGETHER and STILL POPULAR -- a rumoured couples' must have. Boscolie are seen everywhere and they continue to be the paparazzi's favourites! Their fans are continueing to grow meaning they still are the 'hottest' couple.

    Final Messages From author:

    Sorry to anyone who was hoping for a really good article but I'm not too fond on talking about couples since I dont really follow up on them. But dont worry Couples Showdowns will still exist. By the way, in case anybody didn't know, this is not the showdown for Best Couples, it simply a component of it. And if anyone thinks I dont like Bernice Liu, you are wrong! I adore her! It just coicidence that the matches I put her in aren't exactly in favour to her. I dont realize that until I'm done planning out stuff. So dont worry if it seems like Bernice isn't a favourite (she is on my favourites, isnt she?) , she will get her chance of glory.

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