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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    I'm back with a sequel to my first article, Mean Roles with a new concept. The idea of gaining back fame is the same but how is different.

    In the year of 2007, there has been lots of new drama series that are grabbing everyone's attention. TVB is using this chance to once again help those who have fell down to get back up. In Mean Roles, my article states that you have to go from mean to nice. In this article, plain evil is just fine!

    Michelle Yim

    Michelle Yim has always been popular. You may wonder, so why is she on this list? Well, she's an exception but this is her breakthrough series. Everybody loves Michelle for her lovely mother roles in Into Thin Air, The Academy or The Gentle Crackdown. People are going to get sick of her nice person roles eventually! So this new role playing Sung Kam Chi, as a wife of a man who is involved with the mafia will completely blow you away!
    In ACTION!

    Picture credits to KforTVB
    Sung Kam Chi, wife of a wealthy man who to everyone seems very calm and nice BUT inside she very calculative. She herself is involved with the underground deals. Her mind gets even more sick when she realizes all the affairs her husband has and in order to protect her kids she does whatever she can. Even if it means, killing.
    How far this character would go to and all the planning she does graps views attention. Everyone wants to know, what will she do next? Michelle has truly shined out from this series. We get to see the diversity she has, whether she plays the good person or the villian!
    Shirley Yeung

    Admit it! We all hate Shirley! She always plays that dumb innocent girl that always acts cute! We hate it! You hate it! Somehow she even snatched the Best Supporting Actress at the TVB39th Anniversary! The point is, no body really care for her until her break through series Brink of Law as Sung Ka Yee. Another villain in the series that is just as evil as Michelle!
    In ACTION!

    Sung Ka Yee, a fashion designer who gets what she wants even if it requires sacrifices. Anyone interfering, she'll get rid of them. Love life? The same! No body can take away the person she loves from her. She goes so far as planning to get her rival rapped!
    A completely different Shirley Yeung! You'll still hate her, but just hate character! The amount of foul play she does will drive you mad. Yet you won't forget her. Next time is she wins an award for this role, instead of everyone going, WHAT?! we might actually applaud!
    Susanna Kwan

    A famous actress and singer in her time, Susanna Kwan is back! She was back a bit earlier for the series, The Glittering Days but who's going to remember that? Coming back from Canada, Susanna easily strikes back into the television world by her role in, Heart of Greed as Wong Sau Kam. Everyone is talking about her! Everyone knows who she is!
    In ACTION!

    Picture credits to KforTVB
    Wong Sau Kam, second wife of the owner of a famous abalone store and a heirloom of 600 million dollars. Having only a common -law marriage she worries of not receiving a single penny. She develops schemes, alter words, play nice all to get half of the heirloom. She is even willing to go to court and let the entire world know to get what she wants. Her evil acts of kindness and horrible wants causes audience to literally want to slap her.
    Susanna Kwan makes a quick breakthrough and many may hate her but her acting truly outshines. Everyone talks about her role. Everyone wants to give a piece of their mind. Everyone applauds her for her wonderful acting!
    What is next for the mean roles?

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